Saturday, July 14, 2012

Photostory: I Want Twins!

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Aren't their soooo cute?

I want twins too! Fraternal or identical baby girls will do. But if God will be give us another set of baby boys then I will accept it with all my heart. Because children are blessings!

It is always happiness when you see babies right? When Matt was still a baby, I love looking at him when he's sleeping and up to now, I love looking at him still. I always find peacefulness just by looking at him. It seems like everything is fine and okay. He takes away all our worries, pains and stress of our everyday life. With him life is easier and we are much inspired to work harder. 

I know every parents feel the same way too. Our children are our treasure and we can't trade them with anything in this world. No amount of money can buy them. I want to have another one baby girl in the near future but as I always say, if God won't give us another one or will be give us a baby boy again, "Thy will be done." I have no right to oppose His will because He knows better than me.

Guys, how many children do you have? Or how many children would you want to have?

Enjoy the rest of the day.
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