Monday, July 16, 2012

Photostory: The Weekly Menu

This is where we put of weekly menu. I always make our weekly menu because it is very convenient for us. 

How to make a weekly menu? Well, it's a little tough for me because we have a toddler in the house so that I should make sure that we will have a healthy menu. I am just lucky that my son is not a picky eater but a monster eater haha. He will eat anything be it fish, vegetables, meat etc., as long as he find it palatable to his taste, lol.

Anyway, back to the weekly menu. What I do is to list all the meals I have in mind - for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There should be meat (pork or chicken, I don't eat beef e), vegetables and fish meals. I also search for healthy, quick and easy recipes on the net. I finDel Monte Kitchenomics  very helpful. After that I will distribute those meals from Monday to Sunday. I consider if it's easy to prepare then I'll put it at dinner since we are working, but most of the times we have soupy meals at night. For lunch, we prepare non-soupy meals because we eat at the office so it's very hard to have soupy baons.

After listing down the menu, I'll write a list of all the needed ingredients - vegetable, meat, fish, etc. It is very easy to go to market or grocery if you have already make a list of  all the things to buy. You will consume less time there and you will only buy what you only need. We go to the market once a week and to grocery just twice a month, by the way. Also, don't go to grocery when you are hungry because there's a tendency to hoard for more foods :)

So that's how I make our weekly menu. Do you also make your own weekly menu? Kindly share some tips to us.

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