Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily Inspiration: My Real Friends

Hello everyone!

How's your weekend? Ours was tiring. We went to our home town last Saturday, which was unplanned. We need to fetch new stocks of cloth diaper there and Daddy Allan said, why not go straight home since it's only an hour away. So we did and the lolo and lolas were so happy seeing Matthew. Actually, they thought we were just kidding them because usually we tell them ahead of time when we are going home.

Time flies so quickly and one month had already passed since Matt turned two. Happy 25th month bebe!

Oh for our Daily Inspiration, let me share this:

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I don't have many friends and I can count them with my fingers. Maybe because I am a private person and I don't trust people easily. I am a kind of person who speak less because I am more of action. That's why most of the people I know thought I am masungit at first. But no I am not, I am just not used to chatting around and make kwento of all my adventures in life. That's why blogging becomes a challenge for me. In here, I open my personal life but of course I still want to reserve some mystery, lol.

Back to having friends, it's not a problem with me if I have just few friends for I make sure they are worth to keep. They are my real friends for years now and even though we don't get to see each other personally we are still there for each other. We stay real and true to each other despite all the trials and changes we had in our lives.

My three best friends. From left: Allan, Me, Ivy and Dij.
They are my best friends since college days except Allan. We are best friends since high school. We are actually 5 in the group, Florence is not here because when this photo was taken she was at Dubai. We don't have a chance again to see all each other after this. I love them all because they accept me for who I am and they understand me even at my worst.

Hey, you how many friends do you have? Care to share your stories, I will love it.

Happy Monday!
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