Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Haters-Admirers, don't mind them!

Good morning everyone! I know you've waited for this day to come. Weekend na!

To start our day right, let me share this with you

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Do you someone who always annoys you? Who always finds fault in you? Criticize you to the maximum level? 

Whether we like it or not they are everywhere! We can't please all the people around us. There will still be one or two or three who will really make your life harder. Sometimes, it is much better if they will already tell straight to your face that they don't like you. I hate more when a person is showing good in front of me then when I turn my back, he/she will back stub me! Back fighter! 

Since they are here to stay better not stress our life with people like that. Yes like that! People like that are people who envy you because they might see something in you that they don't have. Sometimes, I wonder what they get when they lambast or criticize people. Well, criticism is fine as long as it will lead to a better you. It should be constructive not destructive. Always, put your self to a person's feet before telling hurtful words or doing something bad. You yourself will never want to be hurt right?

Better to live and enjoy our life. I learned to not mind what other people will say because this is me and this is my life. As long as I am not stepping on anyone's feet, as long as I'm doing what is right in God's way, as long as I have my family, I never worry. God is always with me and He knows the truth.

Do you have haters-admirers too? Lol.

Happy Saturday!

P. S.: Always remember that "Life is an Echo. Whatever you give, Life will give it back to You!"
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