Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daily Inspiration: 3 Stupid Stages of Life

Good morning everyone! The sun is already up, thank God!

Let me share this photo with you for our Daily Inspiration today.

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This is somewhat true right? When we are young and still at school, we have so much time, careless and full of energy. Happy go lucky, that is. But we don't have our own money so we are just contented with what our parents are giving us. Because of that, you are very eager to have your own work so you could have your own money and buy things you really want.

Then the most awaited graduation day came and finally you can have your own work. Finally you can earn your money but sadly you don't have enough freedom as when you are still studying. You need to focus with your work more than when you are studying because naturally you want promotions that means higher salary. So that you don't have time even you have money.

Finally after years of working hard, your retirement day came. For sure you will have more time now plus money. But sadly you don't have enough energy to really enjoy life. It's either you are already sick or simply weak due to rheumatism and other age related conditions.

That's life but hey I think you can make it better than that. The key is to enjoy life whether you are at your young, middle or old age. As what I have post about 5 simple rules to happiness, try to live a simple life. Don't push yourself too much and know when to stop and accept things as it is.

Dreaming is not bad as long as you still can wake up to the reality of life. Don't dream too much and enjoy each day. Everyday is a blessing so spend it wisely. Learn what are your priorities in life. I must confess that because of my work, I have less time with my family and my self. That is why as early as now I am thinking of what to do to make up for the lost time. I know I can't turn back time but I can still make something to make up for that.

Soon, I will get to enjoy my life with my family, my husband and my son. I will not allow anyone to steal that precious time with them. I can make my own money but still enjoy life. That is possible right?

Let us enjoy our life because we can only live this life once.

Happy Thursday!
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