Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Parenting Tips: Listen to Your Child

Moms and Dads, are you also guilty with this?

Okay, I know we are busy with our work, household chores, Facebook, twitter, blogging, etc., that sometimes we don't listen to what our kids are trying to say. I bet you already said this: "Later, don't you see I'm still busy!". If you will only look at how your child's beautiful face frown in disappointment, only then you will realize how important it is for you to listen to them. I'm guilty, are you too?

Yesterday, Daddy Allan and I were figuring how to learn crocheting. Both of us were busy looking at the patterns I downloaded and both of us were holding yarn and hook. Here comes our little son asking me to carry him on my lap. Since I was holding a yarn and a hook, I said no but he insisted. So, I carried him on my lap and then he tried to pull the yarn and the hook I'm holding so I put them down away from him. I decided to just read the instruction on our netbook but Matt was determined to interfere with everything I do. I took a deep breath and ask him what he wants and he told me he wants to go outside. So that's the reason why he don't want me to do anything.

We went outside and thankfully, there's still no rain. As soon as the gate opened he ran and ran and ran. I then realize, this is how important it is to him. I heard his endless laughter while chasing the wind. That's priceless and the disappointment I had earlier was totally gone in the wind. See, if I don't listen with what he wanted to say I should have not seen him this happy making me feel happier too.

Moms and Dads, no matter how busy we are when our kids approach us, we should try to pause for a while and give them time. Those little stuffs they are saying are very important to them. When we listen to their little stories, it's a way to boost their self-esteem thereby building trust between us and our children. With this we keep our communication open and they will not hesitate to tell us their thoughts, wants and stories, until they grow old.

Happy Parenting!
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